Our story

We excel in a sector where science meets health, health inspires technology. Our team works together to pioneer the world’s next software solutions.

How can we make CGT treatments a reality for more patients?

Autolomous provides cell and gene therapy manufacturers with ways to scale their operations, by deploying a fully integrated and digitised supply chain ecosystem. Our mission? To make this area of life-saving medicine deliverable, available and affordable.

Board of directors

Executive management and co-founders

Alexander Seyf – CEO

Our CEO, Alexander, is a seasoned entrepreneur. He is a business leader and management consultant who brings over 20 years of business acumen and strategic thinking to the team. Consistent career progression coupled with the building and reinventing of various businesses sets Alexander on course to deliver the Autolomous vision. He is a natural 'people person', being able to highly motivate, create and promote opportunities.

Alexis Blain – CTO

Alexis complements the leadership team as our Chief Technology Officer. With over 10 years of experience in Enterprise applications, he is a skilled software architect and digital team leader with rich experience in public cloud services and a range of programming languages. His role is to continue to evolve our product and to push the boundaries in all areas of the business.


Kwok Pang – COO

Kwok, our Chief Operating Officer, brings 19 years of advanced therapy field experience and is responsible for leading our ATMP client and wider advanced therapy ecosystem engagements. His knowledge spans Academia, NHS, large pharma & biotech environments. He has previously supported the launch & regulatory licensing of the UK Cell Gene Therapy Catapult Manufacturing Centre, a large-scale multi-collaborator, multi-product GMP facility.

Mark Lowdell – Director

Prof. Lowdell is Professor of Cell and Tissue Therapy at University College London, where he has led a translational immunotherapy group since 1994. Since February 2009, Prof. Lowdell has also been Director of Cellular Therapy at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.  Mark has a wealth of first-hand experience to help navigate the way in building a digital solution in this sector.


Our values

The four pillars that bind us together:

Undisputed credibility

The team at Autolomous come from highly reputable stock. They are trustworthy having made significant contributions to the industry. Credible and honourable in all areas of business.

Digital integrity

The concept of autonomy runs through the heart of Autolomous. An independent organisation with the freedom to work with whoever they choose. Their unique offering is also unconstrained by existing methods.

Immutable precision

The bespoke software provides everyone in the value chain an immutable digital ledger, indisputable data provenance, auto-calculating fields and functionality that helps remove human error.

Intuitive and simple

The software solution developed by Autolomous is intuitive and easy to use. It employs user-interface and user experience design principles and tailored with laboratory technicians and medical professionals in mind.

We empower Advanced Therapy Manufacturers to gain new insights and efficiencies within their workflows

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