Autolomous collaboration awarded UK Research & Innovation grant


Autolomous collaboration awarded grant by UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) for a £1 million project that will schedule ATMP manufacturing within UK national health provider.

London, UK, July 27, 2021 – Autolomous LTD, the market-leading developer of critical manufacturing management systems for cell and gene therapies, today announces it has been awarded a joint grant from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), as part of the ‘Made Smarter Innovation’ challenge.

The grant is for a £1 million project that will leverage and build upon the existing UK’s Midlands-Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (MW-ATTC) IT infrastructure and the informatic project delivered via the NHS advanced therapies ordering prototype IT system (NHS-ATOP).

Autolomous will be collaborating with the Advanced Therapies Facility, University of Birmingham (UoB-ATF) and teams at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB). The collaboration will aim to enhance the scheduling and manufacturing of advanced therapies within the UK’s NHS. The project will be entitled: ‘Empowering the NHS advanced therapies ordering prototype IT system’. Activity from the project has commenced in April 2021 and is expected to last 18 months. Of the £1 million grant, 70 percent of the costs of the project relates to Autolomous activities.

The project will be the first demonstration of an electronic batch record solution integrating with a dedicated NHS advanced therapies ordering system. It aims to address limitations of the visibility concerning ‘Chain of Custody’ and ‘Chain of Identity’; key variables within the supply chain in the manufacturing of the advanced therapies. The project aims to provide manufacturing insights into the NHS-ATOP. These insights will increase the robustness of the scheduling of manufacturing, drug product delivery and potentially increase GMP manufacturing capacity. In addition, these manufacturing insights could feed into the secondary objective of the NHS-ATOP as well as future projects/initiatives that will address long-term risk-sharing performance-based reimbursement models. The enhanced capability should help the NHS-ATOP become the ‘de facto’ system for the ordering and scheduling of ATMP delivery in the NHS.

“ATMP developers and manufacturers have invested hundreds of millions into manufacturing infrastructure. However, studies by Autolomous have revealed there has not previously been a proportionate amount of planning and investment by either public or private sectors into the management of data and manufacturing documents that will support the optimization and maximization of ATMP manufacturing facilities and capacities and quality of the manufactured products,” said Alexander Seyf, CEO, Autolomous LTD.

“In our first two years since Autolomous LTD was founded, we have integrated with seven cell and gene therapy suppliers. We now support a range of advanced therapies, from CAR-T, TIL, allogeneic NK, IPSC and dendritic-cell based therapies. This collaboration will be delivered by all three sections of the ATMP industry-academia, industry and the public sector. This project will enable Autolomous to provide a wide-scale demonstration of its solutions integrating critical manufacturing data into the ATMP ordering system of a national healthcare provider.”

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