GEN article – Boosting CGT bioprocessing capabilities


Our solution’s boosting capabilities have been recognised in regards to Gene and Cell Therapy bioprocessing in article featured by Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN).

Read more on what our COO, Kwok Pang, shared about Autolomous and our solutions:

“There’s a gap around handling manufacturing data in cell and gene therapy manufacturing,” explains Kwok Pang, the company’s co-founder and COO. “So, what we’re doing is providing that missing piece of the puzzle to help drive efficiency across the supply chain.”

Autolomous will be presenting its technology at a “Dragons-Den”-style event at the 17th Annual bioProcessUK Conference 2020, taking place online in December. They claim their software provides an end-to-end view of the manufacturing workflow, which includes the status of manufacturing equipment, operators, the facility and the starting material which, for CAR-T products, is the blood obtained from patients at the point of care.

According to Pang, the AutoloMATE platform is the first to incorporate all these aspects of workflow within a single digital platform. “We believe that all aspects need to be accounted for to provide efficient, reliable, scalable manufacturing,” he says.”