The ISCT 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting


Between May 26-28, 2021, Autolomous will participate in the 2021 ISCT Virtual Annual Meeting.

Autolomous’ COO, Kwok Pang, will attend this year’s event, centred around the theme of “Orchestrating Global CGT Translation: Building Consensus for the Path Forward”. All event information can be found here.

About ISCT

Established in 1992, ISCT is the global steward fostering cell and gene therapy translation to the clinic. With a network of leading clinicians, regulators, researchers, technologists and industry partners, ISCT members have a shared vision to translate cell and gene therapies into safe and effective therapies to improve patients’ lives worldwide.

ISCT is the global leader focused on translational aspects of developing cell-based therapeutics, advancing scientific research into innovative treatments for patients. ISCT provides a unique collaborative environment that addresses three key areas of clinical translation: Academia, Regulatory and Commercialization. Through long term strategic relationships with global regulatory agencies, academic institutions and industry partners, ISCT leads the advancement of research into clinical adoption and standard of care.