ISCT 2023 roundtable session


Our COO, Kwok Pang, discussed the importance of digitisation for the scale-up and out-of-cell therapy and gene therapy as part of the ISCT 2023 roundtable session on ‘Manual data collection: Is digital capture the key to success?’. 

A thought-provoking discussion with insights from Stephen Ward (Chief Manufacturing Officer, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult), Jeet Sarkar (Vice President, Head of IT, Center for Breakthrough Medicines), Stuart Curbishley (Chief Manufacturing and Development Officer, adthera bio) and Kevin Gordon (Chief Digital Officer, Ori Biotech).

How are we addressing this at Autolomous? Our autoloMATE® platform enables developers on their path towards digitisation and automation of advanced therapies manufacturing.

Our overall mission is to make these life-saving medicines affordable and available for patients worldwide.