autoloMATE® Launchpad


The CGT industry’s 1st free eBR Builder

This free, self-service, platform empowers teams of any resource level to embark on their digital planning journey on their own time, shattering barriers to entry for those seeking a more agile and intuitive approach.

Whether transitioning from paper to digital or an existing, rigid, system, autoloMATE® Launchpad answers the call, empowering users through flexibility and self-sufficiency.


Experience the ease of Digital Planning with autoloMATE Launchpad

autoloMATE Launchpad empowers CGT manufacturing teams to take the crucial first step towards digital planning. This free tier provides users with the tools to explore the accessibility of digital manufacturing and experience the future of eBR creation

1. Free, self-guided eBR Builder: This user-friendly, no-code platform offers a wide range of formats, field types, and calculations for streamlined eBR creation

2. Team collaboration: Invite colleagues to collaborate on eBR design and socialize the experience cross-functionally seamlessly

3. Pre-configured templates: A library of batch extracts to edit directly or copy-and-paste sections into your own template

4. Test batch execution: Test your eBRs in a dedicated test mode before deploying them in a live environment

5. Seamless migration: Everything you create within Launchpad can be migrated to our cGMP-compliant tiers when teams are ready to take the next step

autoloMATE® Launchpad is Live!