Innovate UK supports delivery of AutoloMATE Assist


Autolomous receives loan from UK Research and Innovation to expedite the digitization of batch verification in cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

London, UK, May 4, 2021 – Autolomous LTD, the market-leading developer of critical manufacturing management systems for cell and gene therapies, today announces it has received a loan from UK Research and Innovation
(UKRI), the public innovation agency, as part of the medicine’s manufacturing challenge.

The loan is provided as additional support for Autolomous to expedite the development of AutoloMATE-Assist, its digital batch verification technology for cell and gene therapies (CGT). The project has commenced in April 2021 and is expected to last 24 months.

AutoloMATE Assist is the third module from Autolomous’ digital platform
AutoloMATE®. This is a business-critical robust digital platform for efficiency, scalability and process streamlining of the GMP manufacturing and batch verification of cell & gene therapies. The other AutoloMATE® modules are AutoloMATE eBMR, which digitises batch manufacturing records, and AutoloMATE CLOCK that provides complete scheduling of all critical manufacturing variables. The three modules of the AutoloMATE® platform will enable manufacturers of advanced therapies and cell and gene therapies to develop an end to end manufacturing strategy.

AutoloMATE Assist will be the first digital batch verification solution available to the market which will be fully integrated with both an electronic batch manufacturing record solution (eBMR), AutoloMATE eBMR, and scheduling capability, AutoloMATE CLOCK. The completion of a digital batch verification solution will be critical for the scale-up of cell and gene and advanced therapies. Currently, paper-based batch verification is providing one of the most significant bottlenecks in the cell and gene therapy manufacturing sector. This will increase in intensity as the
industry continues to scale. The alleviation of this bottleneck will be absolutely critical as more advanced therapies progress through clinical stages into commercialisation.

“This support from UKRI demonstrates the critical consideration given to batch verification as part of the ever-expanding CGT infrastructure. The selection of Autolomous for the award also provides confidence by UKRI in our ability to develop digital batch verification technology and its implementation within our wider portfolio of critical manufacturing management systems for CGT,” said Alexander Seyf, CEO, Autolomous.

“This loan will enable Autolomous to expedite our development of a critical part of our end to end solution for cell and gene therapy manufacturers. It will provide this sector with critically-needed automation in the supply chain, supporting a safe and controlled delivery of more therapies to more patients.”

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